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Membership is not mandatory to attend meetings, but if you would like to become active with our mission goals it would benefit all of us.  Our volunteer hours, as well as volunteer miles driven are recorded,  that information could potentially be used in grant applications.   Your membership dues will get you a year's worth of newsletters to keep you informed of what is going with WSA,  and qualify you to purchase a   "Wild Game Feed" tickets  (membership is mandatory for this event).

Membership Dues

Adult $ 20.00 per year
Youth: 17 & Under $ 15.00 per year
Life Membership $ 500.00  one time

Application Forms

Annual Membership Application Form
Life Membership Form

Mail the information and your membership dues to:

WSA (Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association)
P.O. Box 762
Wenatchee, WA  98807

Life Membership

WSA invites you or challenges you to take the next step towards your commitment to conservation of the habitat and its critters. This is huge proclamation of your convictions towards... "GIVING BACK". In doing so, the  Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association would really like to say THANK YOU for your generous donation to us so we (and you now) may continue to carry on with our mission of being... "Dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the wildlife and  the enhancement of habitat."

Contact  any of the Officers or Board Members to share your interest in becoming a Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association  "LIFE MEMBER"  and we will accommodate you. 


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