Education Opportunities

Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association  through some of our members offer opportunites to both our youth and adults to become more knowledgable and/or trained, in different areas that may be needed or helpful whether at home or in the field.  

Some of WSA's membes are:  instructors,  coordinators,  and/or representatives of different educational opportunties that will benefit you and anyone that wishes to take.

We feel that the more everyone in the field knows about the different things and/or how to deal with it,  then more will be understood,  the greater experience you will have.

If you would like to get involved with one of these educational offerings,   please contact  WSA  to learn more about them. 


Youth Conservation Camp:  

For more than a half-century, the Washington State Youth Conservation Camp has been educating the youth of the Pacific Northwest about the outdoors and how to enjoy and preserve it for future generations. 

Camp Moran Environmental Learning Center in Moran State Park.  Washington State Youth Conservation Camps instruct campers from ages 12 to 16 in areas that can and will benefit them for the rest of their lives.               

To learn more about what WSYCC  has to offer you child, please go check out their website.


Kids in the Creek: 

Cascadia Conservation District had educational opportunity for us participate in.  One of our most popular and successful education and outreach programs is Kids in the Creek. 

The objective of the Kids in the Creek program is to show kids how streams and watersheds work. Students walk away with an understanding of how their actions can effect stream health, in both negative and positive ways. 

They are then able to take their studies to the field for a unique hands-on learning experience. 

If you are an area high-school teacher or homeschooling parent interested in finding out more about the Kids in the Creek environmental education program Contact Cascadia Conservative District.   

Learn more about  C.C.D's Kids in the Creek.


Washington Outdoor Women:

WOW  is a program of the Washington Wildlife Federation and is dedicated to helping women achieve confidence and competence in outdoor skills through a series of hands-on workshops taught in informative, relevant and reassuring settings.

These settings are workshops where you and  WOW instructors gather to renew basic skills as well as stretch your capabilities.  WOW workshops can be unforgettable experiences for all skill levels.  Invest in your future! WOW teaches (20) different skills that have outdoor applications. Any one of them can open a new world to you. Learn more about  WOW


Hunter Education:   

WSA would like to say that even though we are a conservation group,  some of our members do hunt and fish.  Some of our members are WDFW certified  Hunter Education / Gun Safety instructors. 

One of WSA's goals is to educate our youth.  With safety being first and formost,  the instructors would like to teach proper and safe gun handling skills, sportsmanship and ethical values while in the field,  as well as in life.

Washington State laws require that ANYONE born after January 1st, 1972   must have completed a Hunter Education class before he/she can purchase a hunting licence for the first time. WDFW  Hunter Education  website.


Eyes in the Woods: 

The Eyes In The Woods Association Inc. shall be the catalyst organization connecting citizen volunteers with the very  professionals that manage our natural resources, for the benefit of all.   Our purpose is to assist with the reduction of poaching, other resource abuses, and biological information gathering and resource enhancement projects.

A WDFW Enforcement officer will share with us attendees at a EitW  C.O.R.T. (citizens observation reporting training) class, the proper things to be looking for, documenting and then reporting this  wildlife crime or abuse that you have just witnessed.  This training will also share that this is a   "non confrontational"  effort while getting this informantion. Learn more about this EitW training available to you.


Master Hunter Program:   

The Master Hunter Permit Program is designed to promote responsible hunting. In addition to training, the program emphasizes safe, lawful and ethical hunting priorities while upholding the highest standards.

The program offers an opportunity for conscientious, committed hunters who care about the future of hunting to assume a leadership role among their peers. Through their knowledge and conduct in the field, Master Hunters play a key role in improving relationships with landowners, thus ensuring continued hunter access to private lands.

This program has a conservation minded, fair chase, one shot, ethical type hunter that is in tune with mindset of Giving BACK.

This Master Hunter Permit Program is designed to be a willing depredation tool for WDFW to redistribute or lastly,  remove if necessary.  If you would like to know more about this program, go the  WDFW Master Hunter  website.