There is a certain criteria looked at when placing a new upland bird feeder.  That is that the birds need to have adequate escapement opportunity from their natural predators.  The location of a new feeder to be placed must have a good concentration of birds in the area. 

The placement of a feeder is the area in which the feeder is located, must have public access to the land for all the user  groups (recreation) to access.  If a feeder is placed on private land, the same rules apply;  however, everyone must ask for permission to access private land, otherwise it is considered trespassing. 

There is sportsman’s ethics that fits in as well, and that is not to harass the birds around the feeders and or not to hunt anywhere near the feeders.

If you happen to be around a feeder whenever you’re out and you see something wrong with it, if you can repair it by all means please do so.  If you can't, then please contact WSA or WDFW and let us know what you have found, so we may repair it.

It does take all of us out in the field keeping our eyes open for things that we think are wrong.  Please report them. 

There are basically two types of feeders that we use: 

  1. The original  A-Frame  feeder
  2. The newer  Turkey Friendly  feeder

As the feeders are reaching the end of their service life, we are replacing the old  A-Frame feeders with a new  Turkey Friendly  feeder.  The Turkey Friendly feeders are much easier for the volunteers to work on them, as well as more room for the birds.