Our Projects

The following list is a partial history of the work and involvement in our local area done by members of the WSA over the more recent years of the 70 years we have existed. We hope to continue to work for conservation of fish, wildlife, habitat and to help teach our youth about these things.

2010 to 2018 Annually:

  • WSA supplies and processes meat to homeless shelters; approximately, 1200-1800 pounds, and 115 man hours.
  • WSA fills and repairs Feeders and Guzzlers in the Chelan Butte area.  Approximately 6 trips with 6 volunteers and 3 vehicles.   Approximately 1210 miles and 240 hours, and $1,200.
  • WSA fills and repairs feeders, and guzzlers in the Colockum Wildlife Area. Taking 5 trips with 6 volunteers, and 4 vehicles, using 1550 miles and 240 hours, approximately, $1,200.
  • WDFW Turkey Counts: WSA has 7 routes, with 7 volunteers, all doing counts on 3 different weekends, for approximately 4 hours each trip.  Totaling 84 hours and 672 miles.
  • Chelan/Kittitas Clean up day.  Annually, during the past 17 years, 8 to 35 volunteers with, 20 to 25 rigs, filling 3 to 5 20 yard dumpsters, removing 20 to 30 tires, multiple appliances, cars, trucks, trailers, and cleaning multiple campsites. Volunteers traveled approximately 300 miles and worked 160 hours.
  • Donated $500.00 and manned a booth at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery for the annual Salmon Festival for over 8 years.
  • WSA has been a Member of the Stemilt Partnership since its Inception in 2007.  This group of over 30 stakeholders have worked to build a management plan, acquire lands and implement a plan to manage the area for the benefit of water, wildlife, recreation and the public.  WSA donated $25,000 to help acquire lands that were purchased from Longview Fiber Timber Company to keep the land from being closed to the public.  Hundreds of hours of research and work are being donated by members of WSA.
  • Game Management Advisory Council for WDFW.  WSA has a representative who has served for ten years attending annual meetings.  Traveling 172 miles per trip, spending three and one-half hours traveling to and from meetings and six and one-half hours attending meetings, amounting to 6,880 miles and 360 hours of work.


Multi year projects, 1968 - 2018:

  • Clean and cut up lodgepole pine trees in the Arthur Coffin Game Reserve for WDFW.   Working 6 days with 15 to 20 WSA volunteers and using approximately 540 hours and traveling 960 miles.
  • Spring Bird Counts.  Worked 30 hours and traveled 90 miles per trip.
  • Goose Banding; 6 volunteers using 30 hours and traveling 150 miles per year for 8 years.
  • Pheasant Release; 3 volunteers, 3 sites, 3 times annually traveling 540 miles and using 48 hours.
  • Kids Fishing Days at; Rock Island City Youth Pond, Leavenworth Fish Hatchery, Entiat Fish Hatchery, Beehive Reservoir and Wenatchee Valley College using approximately 48 hours per event and 450 miles per year for over 10 years.
  • National Youth Hunting & Fishing Day.  Working 250 hours and traveling 250 miles in preparation for, and during the event.
  • Conservation Camp on Orcas Island. WSA has Sponsored 4 youth per year, for last 30 years with a cost of $250 per child; amounts to approximately $30,000.
  • WSA has distributed over 600 fishing poles, with reels, supplied by B.A.S.S. and the Leavenworth fish Hatchery, to children at the various fishing events.
  • Sponsored Eyes in the Woods Crime Observation and Reporting Training Classes for several years.
  • Cleanup garbage from target shooting and illegal use in the Blue Grade area multiple times.
  • Donated $500.00 each year and had WSA volunteers at the Cascadia Conservation Kids in the Creek program for youth.
  • Sponsored and facilitated the Envirothon event to teach area youth about wildlife and habitat in our local area
  • Sponsored and put on with community assistance conservation classes in the Wenatchee and Leavenworth high schools and field work in Swakane Canyon for 3 years.


Other One-Time Projects:

  • Assisted WDFW with bighorn sheep capture and collar event on Chelan Butte 2019. 
  • Grant County Sage Hen Fence Market Project WDFW.  10 volunteers working 340 hours and traveling 1250 miles.
  • Arthur Coffin Game Reserve WDFW Enforcement Cabin Renovation. 10-14 WSA member volunteers worked 280 hours and traveled 720 miles on difficult roads and spent over $400.
  • Helicopter seeding on the Arthur Coffin Game Reserve.
  • Funded helicopter time for WDFW study in the Swakane sheep herd.
  • Sponsored ORV safety classes at the WDFW Colockum Game Range Headquarters.
  • Sponsored and provided volunteers to replant both Oklahoma Gulch and Swakane Canyon after wildfire damage in the areas.
  • WSA applied for and received an ALEA Grant for $22,000 to rebuild bird feeders and water guzzlers on the Colockum Wildlife areas.
  • Mule Deer Helicopter Capture. For a 5-year Swakane Canyon Wildlife Study.  Using 250 hours and traveling 3500 miles in the process.
  • Plant Bitterbrush.  The West Bar, working 160 hours and traveling 750 miles, Birch Mountain, working 120 hrs and traveling 250 miles.
  • USFS Biologist Heather Murphy, with a 2-year Wildlife Study for Mission Ridge.
  • Approximately 15 people working 60 hours each, plus 2 people each month for two years working 200 hours per month.
  • Clean up Horse Lake Ranch.  Working 120 hours and traveling 120 miles.
  • Beehive Reservoir.  Instrumental in providing handicap access at the lake.
  • Turkey Release with WDFW and NWTF.  In an effort to introduce turkeys to the area, 3 different releases were done.  WSA volunteers traveled 230 miles and worked 270 hours.
  • 97-A Fence.  The WSA was instrumental in proposing, planning, and working with land owners, WSDOT and WDFW to get the Wildlife Fence built along 8.4 miles of Highway 97-A between Wenatchee and Entiat.   This fence has reduced vehicle to animal collisions by over 85% along that section of highway.  This project took hundreds of man hours and included a $25,000 donation from WSA. WSA also provides funding to help maintain the fence.
  • Nanuem Ridge to Columbia River Recreation Planning Committee, we had a member who was appointed to this group and worked for two and one-half years through the completion of the process. This required 123 hours and 1265 miles of travel.
  • Colockum Fire Rehabilitation.  Doing fence repair, and planting grass after the fire for habitat restoration. Working approximately 80 hours, traveling 210 miles and donating $5000.
  • Wenatchee River Property.  A small committee spent hundreds of hours and attended numerous meetings to work with a coalition to raise the funds needed to purchase .84 mile of waterfront on the Upper Wenatchee River where the Peshastin Mill Site was once located.  It is now in public ownership in perpetuity.  


WSA Monitary Expenditures/Donations

  • 1995 - $5,000 For an Elk Study for WDFW.
  • 2003 - $10,000 Horse Lake Property Down payment.
  • 2005 - $5,000 For a Goat Study with the WDFW.
  • 2005 - $3,000 Tranquilizer gun purchased and loaned to Wenatchee Office of WDFW.
  • 2010 - present Attorney Fees of $50,000 to $60,000 towards Mission Village, Mission Ridge Ski Area, Stemilt Basin and Squilchuck projects that threaten water, wildlife, and public lands.
  • 2010 - $10,000 towards Beebe Springs Youth Pond to educate youth on fishing.
  • 2012 - Acquisition of Longview Fiber timberlands in the Squilchuck and Stemilt Basins, $25,000.00 used to help purchase land.
  • 2010 - 14 Donations of $5,000 and an additional $2500 for Karilian Bear Dog Veterinarian bills
  • 2016 - 2017 $5,000 donated to assist with repair of Arthur Coffin Game Reserve Fence.  Working 80 hours and traveling 210 miles.
  • 2017 - $10,000 toward the securing the shoreline property along the former Peshastin Mill Site for habitat conservation, receation, and public acces. 
  • 2018 $500 towards improving access to Dry Lake in Manson, WA.
  • 2018 - $2,100 for a gas-powered fence post pounder for WDFW, in the Colockum Wildlife Area.
  • 2020 - $7,000 toward a remote camera elk study in the Stemilt Basin. 

Total expenditures on this list: $265,642

Total volunteer hours on this list: 10,398

Total miles travel mileage on this list: 15,507


Future Projects

  • The annual National Youth Hunting and Fishing Day event held in Wenatchee, WA. in the fall.
  • WSA is currently working with WDFW a shooting range in Swakane Canyon.  Not only will WSA help build the shooting range, WSA will repair and annually clean up the area as needed.
  • Participation in the Annual Wenatchee Valley Sportsman’s Show.
  • Continuing education of the public regarding water, wildlife, habitat and proper use of our natural resources.


NOTE:  This is Not a complete list of all the projects and volunteer hours the wonderful members of the Wenatchee Sportsmen’s Association have done for water, wildlife, habitat, and the people of North Central Washington.