Sportsman's Etiquette

Promote conservation!  As we go into the fields or into the woods, there are a few well known as well as a few not so known rules of  Sportsman’s Etiquette  that we all should follow.  The outdoors is a beautiful place and if we sportsman follow the rules,  we will continue to hold on to our outdoors privileges well into the future so that the next generations of sportsman will have the same opportunities that we have...  now. 

Even private lands require and deserve respect,  it's private.  We as Sportsmen and Sportswomen should do our very best to respect the wishes of any "private land owner" if we want to maintain or establish privileges on their lands, this will look good for ALL of us sportsman.     RESPECT others property. 

Regardless of why we are in the out of doors,  these good ethical common sense standards apply to ALL of us, whether we are hiking, biking, skiing, bird watching, hunting, fishing, working or playing, these rules or sometimes unwritten rules apply.  If you happen to see something that is illegal,  REPORT it.  These public lands are ours to enjoy, let’s keep them ours for the next generations to use,  instead of  the   "Off Limits"    "Keep Out"   "No Trespassing"  signage that are cropping up in many areas here in  N.C.W.,  as well as many areas around our State. 

Conservation is the protection and wise, sustainable use of natural resources. A visit to any natural area can be a very stimulating and exciting experience for any age student.  However all of us must be careful to remember that natural areas are habitat for wild plants and animals, so we as visitors should act like guests visiting or sharing someone’s home. 


Here are some good rules or ideas that we Sportsman should do while out of doors, but not limited to:

  • Always,  if you pack it in - then pack it out.  Actually pack out more trash than you may have generated while in the wilderness or field.  Pick up any litter you may find.   
  • Ask permission to access private land.  This should be done well before planning to gain access.  Respect the landowner’s rules. 
  • If you find a gate open - leave it open.  If find that gate closed - then close it when you go through it... unless told otherwise.
  • Be courteous to your fellow sportsman, think of them first.  
  • A good sportsman always leaves a clean camp.   
  • Be a safe and ethical sportsman while in the outdoors, whether it is a hunter, angler, or other types of recreation,  always. 
  • These simple rules will insure that you have a great time during your outing,  others will too. 
  • Do not harass the wildlife in any way. 
  • The key to minimum impact is:  make your time in the outdoors look as if you where never there!            
  • Leave No Trace Tread Lightly