Wildlife Samples

As part of our WSA  Mission Statement,  we are dedicated to the educating of our youth and adults, of our goals and beliefs, towards wildlife and their natural habitat surroundings.

Chelan County P.U.D., fish and wildlife division have been putting together a few "Educational boxes"  that can be checked out to different groups for teaching and or promoting wildlife.

WSA  members and friends have been donating wildlife trinkets to the P.U.D.  so they may complete this project.  

Wild about Wildlife 

Chelan County PUD  Learning Trunks  wish list that Chelan County PUD Wildlife Biologist  Kelly Cordell-Stine  is putting together some teaching boxes full of wildlife goodies,  used for educating our youth.    Below is a list of items that she is wanting to fill her wildlife trunks up with.   If you have some of these items and want to put them to good use,  let's help out and pass out those items.... for the next generation to enjoy and learn from.

  • Rubber track positives and scat replicas  (available from Acorn Naturalist   for  $5 - $20 ea.) Mule deer, White-tailed deer, Feral Cat, Rat, Cougar, Coyote,     Beaver, Muskrat, Raccoon, Mink, Bobcat, Mountain Goat, River Otter, Skunks  
  • Skulls and jaws (real preferred, or replicas available from Acorn Naturalists) Deer jawbones of different ages,  Bighorn sheep skull,  Mink skull, White tailed deer skull,         Cougar skull, Otter skull, Elk Skull, Bobcat Skull, Beaver skull,  Mountain goat skull, Coyote skull, Raccoon skull,  other Ungulate skulls, Muskrat skull,  Beaver skull
  • Tanned fur and skins (whole and/or scraps) Bobcat, Mink, Raccoon, Coyote, Cougar, Muskrat, Bighorn sheep, Black bear           
  • Tail samples  from mule deer, white-tailed, and black-tailed deer.    

Your donations will be much appreciated and put to good use educating youth about wildlife and habitat here in NCW!    Once complete, the learning trunks will be available at the Rocky Reach Visitor’s Center for check-out to resource professionals, schools, and the community.   The learning trunks have already been in use this season and have educated over 200 youths in a variety of programs.  This total does not include the many visitors to the WSA booth at the Salmon Festival!

Thank you again for all the donations received thus far—you are all contributing to the education of our future leaders in wildlife and habitat conservation.  Many thanks to WSA!


Kelly Cordell-Stine
Wildlife Biologist
Chelan Co. PUD
(509) 661-4762